Grant Sheridan - Cosmic Burnout | Comic

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The second installment of Grant Sheridan's Cosmic Burnout. 32 risographed pages of insanity. LAST COPY AT DISCOUNTED PRICE DUE TO SLIGHTLY RUSTED STAPLES.

· 8.3"×11.7" | 21×14.8cm
· 32 Pages
· Saddle Stitch Bound
· Risograph Printed at Inky Palms
· Edition of 35
· Stamped and Numbered


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Grant Sheridan is an Auckland based geologist that dabbles in illustration and music. Grant’s comic work mixes together druggy, psychedelic, horror, sci-fi with fantastical creatures hooning through space causing havoc to provide an alternative to mainstream superhero comics. His standalone pieces deal with themes including love, fears and dreams and love of the colour pink.